oh the places i’ll go…. i think.

I think. I tend to think a lot. People tend to tell me that I think too much; I am a worrier. About life, about my future, just about how everything is supposed to happen. And then I get stuck doing the menial, everyday type of activities that make up a person’s life. And I worry about them, because what if those every day sort of activities define my future and what I want to do?

One of the things in my life that I have to, is that I have to GO. I have to travel, and see, and experience, and learn….and stretch myself to be someone who is different, or maybe just realize that I am me. And then……then, I get stuck in language classes a level above where I am right now. And boy, oh, boy. Isn’t that exciting? Words and tenses and phrases that I do not know. And yet I want to learn it? Idiot….

But yeah I do. ‘Cause I’m trying to remember that there are places that I want to go and people I want to meet and if I want to? Then I need to do the tedious and the menial tasks because I’m looking ahead to something much more fun and much more adventurous.

Oh the places I’ll go…. and you bet I’m gonna get there. But I have to be where I am right now first.

But I’m not an optimist and a “let me smile ’cause life’s jolly” person. So to make myself truly happy and satisfied….. UGGGHHH.

Okay. Breathing. Breathing……



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