for the newbies

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I wish I would have known last year. 

I wish I could have known that it was going to be hard. But that was to be expected. 

I wish I knew that college makes you pretty damn lazy. 

So here are some things that I hope someone can read before she goes:

1. Leggings are the greatest gifts women have ever received (and this coming from a girl who thought that leggings as pants was, can I say, trashy?

2. College boys are like still boys. Huh. Who knew. 

3. Put down the books and do something spontaneous and stupid. You’ll remember that far longer. 

4. But don’t BE stupid. Have fun but don’t regret stuff.

6. Have movie nights and watch movies you’d never watch (for me, cheesy musical chick flicks….)

7. Try something new. Learn to take the bus around town. 

8. Be friendly even when you just want to be grumpy

9. Don’t deny who you are because professors or roommates or anyone tells you to. If you like geeky crap, LOVE it. If church brings you peace, go to church. If you are the only girl on your floor who loves football but can’t watch the Super Bowl b/c roommates are watching chick flicks on the TV that YOU brought from home, watch it in your room over a bowl of Mac and Cheese on your laptop. 

10. Have fun. You will walk out of your last final in the spring and be so confused that you are DONE. 

You are going to go to amazing places. Don’t go past them so fast that you don’t realize that you are there. 


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